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5 Best Apps To Run Dual WhatsApp On Android

Have you ever wanted to log into multiple accounts of instant messaging or match programs at exactly the exact same time on a single phone? We’re pretty sure you that you all have wanted to do run multiple accounts on one phone. These days, everyone has more than 1 phone number. One is for personal use, and another one is business or employment purpose.

Nowadays, the majority of the instant messaging programs ask users to confirm their accounts with a contact number. Apps like WhatsApp relies just on the telephone number to sync contacts. Since the majority of us have more than 1 phone number, we could use program cloners to make a balance between our personal and professional life.

With app cloners, it is simple to make a cloned version of social networking or instant messaging programs like Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.. That is to say, it is easy to clone and run numerous accounts of the exact same app on a single device with program cloners.

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Apps To Run Dual WhatsApp On Android

Today, we’ve opted to round up a list of best Android apps which could enable you to run dual WhatsApp on Android. It is worth to note that we’ve just taken the case of WhatsApp, with app cloners it’s possible to make a cloned version of any popular programs on the Play Store. So, let us find out the five best Android programs to run 2 WhatsApp on Android.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space is  best program cloner on the list that’s famous for its simplicity. The crucial thing about Parallel Space is that it enables users run and replicate numerous accounts of the exact same app simultaneously. That means, with Parallel Space, it is possible to run two WhatsApp app, Instagram app, messenger app. On each app, you can log in with unique accounts.

Multi – multiple accounts app

Multi — multiple accounts program isn’t so popular, but efficient Android app cloner on the list that may be used to clone and run numerous accounts of the same app simultaneously. What is intriguing is that Multi — multiple accounts program supports a broad assortment of programs and game accounts. It may create a clone version of popular programs like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, etc. at ease. Not only that, but Multi — multiple accounts program may also create play games also.


2Accounts from Excelliance Technology Is one of the popular application cloner on the Google Play Store. You won’t believe it, but millions of consumers right now use the program. The most obvious part of 2Accounts is its user-interface that’s been produced by keeping simplicity in your mind. The app supports the majority of the popular instant messaging programs like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc. 2Accounts is also famous for its privacy and safety features like you can hide the cloned apps, lock the cloned apps with password, etc..

Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts might be the best choice to run double WhatsApp accounts on Android. The reason behind that’s simple; the program focuses more on cloning WhatsApp as opposed to other Android programs. It is not that the program doesn’t support different programs, but it focuses more on WhatsApp. The Google Play Store listings for Multiple Accounts asserts it can clone 99 percent of the very best apps and games. The app has clean UI, and its fairly easy to use.

Clone App

Final Words

Apart From these cloner applications you can also use WhatsApp Mods Like GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp & YoWhatsApp to run dual whatsapp in single android phone these mods provides extra features which are not in official whatsapp. We hope you liked this article if you did then please share as much as possible & keep visiting Techylist blog for such amazing stuffs!



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