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If you are a graphic designer or photographer, Photoshop is one of the most effective photo editors which you can use over time. It can be very expensive even with Adobe’s most basic program which will cost you around $120 per year to use Photoshop. Luckily, there are free Photoshop options which provides the same features at a reasonable price and even at no cost.

Let’s go through the five best free alternatives to Photoshop that will help you to create and edit your images like a pro.


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Gimp is a strong open-source photo editing software that could do anything Photoshop can with zero cost. It features advanced filters and effects, the ability to work with layers, colour adjustments, and is compatible with most image file formats such as support for photoshops PSD files.

Gimp design has been described by many people as being clunky, especially from the ones that have been longtime users of Photoshop. GIMP is truly simple to use if you have never used GIMP do check out their numerous tutorials located on their side.

Photo Pea

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Photo Pea with a high learning curve it provides lots of the very same features as Photoshop and PhotoPea making it a great free internet alternative to those programs.

All the attributes are included for free you will get the principal tools along the left along with others found in the menu bar on the right.

It supports working with layers, if you would like to modify the appearance of photo Pea, go to more in the menu bar, then motif. There are various options like silver, black, iron, blue, snow white and danish purple.

When you are finished with your project, your photographs can be exported in a dozen formats such as JPG, PNG, SVG, and lots of others.

As I mentioned previously, Photo Pea has a high learning curve but is capable of performing more than any other photo editor cited in the list. So, it’s better to learn how to use it was released in 2004 as a more advanced alternative of Microsoft Paint. It has evolved quite a bit through the years and now includes mixing and layer service, automatic filters and external plugins generated in the community which may be added to expand its ability.

Despite its outdated look, the user interface is intuitive with the principal tools found along the left with added tools found in the menu bar. is only available for Windows. You can get it in the developers’ site for free with the choice to donate. If you prefer you can get it from the Microsoft Store, they offer a paid version which the proceeds supporting the growth of

Photoscape X

Photoscape X is feature-packed and even supports RAW files. Other notable features include a photo viewer, collage maker, gif creator and there are tons of filters effects and various other tools to transform your image.

The design of this tool is easy without too much clutter that makes it a excellent selection for beginners.

Photoscape X is only available for Windows 10 and Mac. For people running an older version of Windows, the URL to photoscape 3.7 remains available on their homepage. On Windows10they do provide a pro model of photoscape X on the site and the Microsoft Store for about $40 with extra tools for advanced users.

For many people, the tools from the free version of photoscape X will probably be sufficient to fulfill their photo editing needs.


IPicky also has another collage maker and graphic design tool. It is completely free with all their innovative features included at no additional price.

With I picky you will find the majority of the basic and advanced tools you would ever desire. Another tool sets available include picture effects, retouch etc..

It is possible to work with layers to include photographs, text, stickers. You could also make shapes, frames, and textures with painting tools.

The only downside to I picky are the saving alternatives which are limited to JPEG and PNG besides that it is an Excellent photo editor

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