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Bharat Bandh

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In New Delhi, -9 people were killed and many injured in violence on Monday since Dalit protesters blocked trains, clashed with police and set dozens of vehicles ablaze in many states during a nationwide bandh from the alleged dilution of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. Thousands of protesters were detained by police in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand.

 Over 100 passenger and mail train services were now affected and two trains, including a Shatabdi, were short-terminated as protesters squatted on the paths to apply an all-India shutdown from the alleged dilution of their SC/ST Act, officials said, adding the routes were largely restored.

The New Delhi-Amritsar Shatabdi Express was short-terminated in Ludhiana, although the New Delhi-Amritsar Shan-e-Punjab Express has been short-terminated in Ambala, officials explained, including that the trains could commence their return travel from the respective short-terminated channels.

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Bharat Bandh Images

Bharat Bandh Photos

The Madhya Pradesh Police on Monday confirmed that at least six individuals have been murdered in the nation on account of the continuing nationwide shutdown. In the wake of the violence, 16 further companies of SSB, four companies of RAF, two companies to STF and 3,000 trainee constables to be set up across the state.


Bharat Bandh Every Thing You Should Know

Delhi Dalit organisations staged protests in the federal capital now as part of their country-wide bandh against the Supreme Court order on the SC/ST Act, bringing traffic to a standstill in Lutyens’ Delhi.In other areas of the town, the respective deputy commissioners of police, assistant commissioners of police, SHOs were out in the field to ensure that peace is preserved. There were no reports of any violence in Delhi.

Punjab – The CBSE has already postponed Class 12 and Class 10 examinations scheduled to be held now in Punjab in the request of their state government in light of the ‘Bharat Bandh’. The authorities ordered closure of educational institutions, suspended bus solutions, and curtailed mobile and Internet services. Two companies of the Border Security Force were sent to Punjab to assist the local government simplifies the violence.

Bihar – Protesters stormed the railway station, forced closure of ticket counters and squatted on tracks interrupting the movement of quite a few trains.

What happened in Supreme Court

On March 20, the Supreme Court observed that the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act of 1989 is used to “blackmail” innocent citizens and handed down guidelines to protect both public servants and personal employees.

The court directed that public servants can only be arrested with the written consent of their appointing authority. In the instance of private workers, the Senior Superintendent of Police concerned should allow it.

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