GBMods (Official) Said Ditch WhatsApp & Switch To Telegram

Hello Everyone welcome to trickton Today I am going to tell you about a message that is sent on GbMods official telegram channel GB Mods is a team which has developed a popular whatsapp mod apk known as gbwhatsapp but sadly they stopped their development due to some reasons the message is below:

Ditch WhatsApp .. Switch to Telegram

Let’s talk a bit about Facebook Inc. …

– A company that fights developers who try to improve their applications (WhatsApp & Instagram) by adding new cool features that users need & like it.
– A company that sells its user’s data to governments and other third party companies with no respect of their customers’ privacy.
– A company that doesn’t care about protecting their customers data from hackers & security breaches that became a normal thing on the news every month.
– A company that treats you like a product, nothing more.

Company like this don’t deserve to use its products.

If you’re already here on Telegram, you probably know how much Telegram is way better than WhatsApp in terms of features, security, privacy & development (app updates).
Teach your friends & family about that .. Let them know how far they can benefit by ditching WhatsApp & switching to Telegram.

Spread The Word .. Raise The Awareness ღ

#SwitchToTelegram #DitchWhatsApp


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