How To Buy XRP Ripple Coin In India ? [ Step By Step Guide ]

India is Now Transforming From Digital World to a Cryptocurrency World. Now we Indian’s are Not Playing in Rupees instead of that we are Spreading Our Hands Toward Crypto Currency. Within few Years, No One is Caring About Rupees, All Were busy in Using Digital Currency for their Transaction. Plzz Correct Me if I m Getting Wrong ! I can’t Stop Myself To Start This Trending Topic From it’s Root. Before Starting Our Main Topic i.e. How To Buy Ripple in India ? Let Me Open the Basic Chapter Related To These Currency.

Ahh.. Wait Fellas’s ! Let Me First Clear the Meaning Of This word “Cryptocurrency“. According To Wikipedia, It is an Encrypted Digital Currency which is used to regulate the Generation Of Unit’s Of Currency, Operating Independently Of Central Bank. Basically Crypto Currency is a Digital Currency which is Use to Make Transaction all Over the world.

There are Different Types of Crypto Currency Spreading all Over the World. Hope You all have Heard About “Bitcoin” ūü§Ď. Bitcoin is also a Digital Currency which is a Trending Topic Of Business World. Bitcoin is Bouncing in world Market like Jio in Indian Market. Everyone want to Grab These Delicious Premium Currency.

According To Investopedia ( A Popular Tech Giant ), There are Total 6 Most Cryptocurrency Other than Bitcoin. Here is the Full List :

  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum|ETH
  • Dash
  • Zcash
  • Ripple|XRP
  • Monero|XMR

TrickTon Also Wants to Enter Into Crypto World For Gathering More and More Information Regarding these Trending Coins and Currency. According To Our Investigation, There is Not Sufficient Information Regarding Buying & Selling Of Crypto Currency. There are Only Few Authority Site’s who has Shared Little Bit Info About Digital Currency.

So Our Team Wanted To Serve all Our Lovely Readers with Detailed Guide On This Topic. Recently, We have Shared  Zebpay Promo/Referral Code. In This Post we are Going To Share Almost Each and Every Topic Realted to Crypto World which includes How To Buy & Sell Bitcoins ? How To Buy Ripple In India ? How to Invest in XRP Ripple ? etc. Keep Reading This Post For More Details.

You Guys are Thinking Why I m Putting More Pressure On Ripple ! Reason Behind This is that, “Ripple is Second Largest Cryptocurrency in The World”.¬† Scroll Down the Post To Read More About Ripple ( XRP ). We have Shared a Detailed Guide On the Topic – ” How To Buy Ripple Coin In India ? “. Hope You Guys are Not Getting Bored ūüėĎ ! If You are In Such a Condition, You Can Directly Jump To Bottom Of the Page Otherwise Keep Reading With Me (._.)”

I think Above Content is Sufficient to Understand the Basic Terminology Realted To Crypto Currency. Let’s Move On To Our Main Topic i.e ‘ How To Buy Ripple In India ‘. Push the Page a bit to Know All The Methods To Buy Digital Currency.

What is Ripple ? 

Ripple is a Real Time Gross Settlement System Built Upon a Distributed Open Source Internet Protocol. This is Developer By Network Known as Ripple Network. Ripple was Developed By Ryan Fugger in 2004. After Bitcoin, Ripple is the Most Trusted and Premium Crypto Currency.¬†The reason ripple is surging so much is it’s a bubble as Said by CEO of Digital Asset. That’s all For Ripple Coin !

Buy Ripple Coin in India 

Let’s Consider a Situation ! Suppose You Have to Transfer Some Amount Of Money From India To China. Now You have To First Convert the INR into America Dollar and Then American Dollar is Need To be Converted into Renminbi ( Chinese Currency ). This Sort Of Transaction is a Very Long Process and Also Time Consuming. Here You Can Make Use Of Ripple Currency For a Smooth Transfer Of Money. So Now You Know the Flexibility and Efficiency Of Ripple Coin In India.

How To Buy Ripple In India ?

There are Various way to Buy Ripple Coin In India. Almost 100’s Of Website and Organisations are Available which are Providing Buy & Sell Service Of Ripple. Here in this Post We are Going To Share About How To Buy Ripple in INR, Best Exchange To Buy Ripple, Ripple Exchange in India etc.

Methods To Buy Ripple in INR 

There are Mainly two Easiest and Safe Method For Buying of Ripple. We also uses these Method To Buy Ripple For Our Business. We also recommend you to Buy Ripple Coin From These Source. Otherwise, You Can Any Method To Buy XRP Ripple Coin. Here are Two Best Method :-

  1. Buy Ripple in India From Binance
  2. Buy Ripple From Koinex 

#1 Buy Ripple in India from Binance 

  • First Of All, You Have To Create a New Account On Binance
  • Next Enter Your Personal Details with Correct Details
  • Hit The Signup Button
  • Next Verify Your Email Id For Account Activation
  • Voil√†..! You have Successfully Created Your Binance
  • Next Click On Bitcoin Deposit Option
  • Send Coin To Your Friend to¬†the given address
  • You can use zebpay or any other wallet for this Purpose
  • Bitcoin will be Available On Your Account with in Few Hours
  • Next Click On Exchange Option On the Bottom Of the Page
  • Choose Your Deposited Currency Pair
  • Put the Amount Of Which One want to Buy XRP Ripple
  • Click On BUY XRP Ripple option
  • Boom..! You have Successfully Buy Ripple Coin from Binance

#2 Buy Ripple From Koinex

  • Follow Same Procedure as Above To Create a New Account in Koinex like in Binance
  • Fill Your Personal Details
  • Verify Your eMail I’d and Phone Number using OTP
  • In Next Window, You Have to Complete the KYC Process with Proper Details
  • Now Open The Wallets Option in the Homepage
  • Enter Your Deposited Details Like Type Of Transaction, Amount Etc
  • Now You will See Your Amount in Your Koinex Account
  • That’s all, To Buy XRP Click On Trade Button and Enter the Required amount to Buy Ripple
  • Hit the Buy XRP Ripple Option
  • Click On Confirm Option
  • Hurray ! You have Successfully Buy Ripple Coin In India Using Koinex
  • Enjoy ūüôā

So Guys We Have Discussed Each Method In Details About How To Buy Ripple Coin In India. If You Still Have Any Doubt Regarding These Methods, Feel Free To Comment Below. We will Back To You Soon.

Final Words 

Finally We Came To An End To This Fully Informative Article On How To Buy Ripple Coin In India ! Hope You Guys Enjoyed this Post. We have put Our all Efforts to Make This Post Rich Of All Information.

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How To Buy XRP Ripple Coin In India ? [ Step By Step Guide ]
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